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February’s dead airlines – No 2 – Air Australia

What on earth has the demise of Air Australia got to do with travel to Symi Island? Well, they are the sister company of Strategic Airlines who are due to operate charter flights for Olympic Holidays from Manchester, Gatwick and Birmingham to Rhodes this summer. The official story is that the (Luxembourg-based) European bit of the overall business will be totally unaffected by upheavals in Australia, where it’s sister and parent companies are based. This may well be the case and we all hope it is.
If there turns out to be a problem, Olympic Holidays will source an alternative airline to fly their departures. As it is, Strategic had only planned to operate 2 planes themselves this year, instead of last year’s three, but had taken on enough work for 4 or 5 aircraft, including some on behalf of Jet2 out of Manchester, so subcontractors will inevitably be involved, and there’s nothing to stop Olympic and Jet2 dealing direct with these.
If you are booked on one of these flights, either as part of a package or as a flight only, I’d keep an eye on the respective websites in case of changes, but it is too early to tell whether these will be necessary.