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Blue Star changes

Blue Star were due to do one of their regular ship-swaps this week, on Tuesday. The Blue Star Paros has been serving Symi since late June, but was due to change places in Piraeus with the Blue Star Patmos. This has been postponed and the Blue Star Paros will now continue until further notice.

For those who have booked in advance and actually collected the tickets (not just having an on-line booking confirmation) you should visit a Blue Star agent and exchange them for new tickets at no charge. If you have an on-line booking confirmation it doesn’t matter as you will be given the right tickets when you show up at the ticket office before travelling. The reason for this is that Greek law requires each passenger to be issued with a ticket stating the name of the ferry they will be travelling on.


  • By Ste, September 4, 2017 @ 2:18 pm

    Do you know if the BS Paros will run the timetable previously advertised for Sep and Oct?

  • By AndysPosting, September 5, 2017 @ 7:41 am

    Yes, no timetable change at all. It’s already showing that way on their website. They swap ships several times each year without affecting the times ships pass through Symi. All they’ve done is not swap the ship this time. They’ve also used the Patmos and the Naxos to operate this route on the summer timetable this year so far. Last year saw the Diagoras, the Patmos and the Paros.
    There are seasonal time changes – there was an extra sailing in July & August, and last winter the Wednesday ferries called at Symi at different times to last summer or this summer. But winter is defined as November to March.

  • By Ste, September 5, 2017 @ 9:41 am

    BLue Star confirmed “The initerary from Pireaus to Rhodes will be working during this period. However, for the 18th of September, the Blue Star Ferries initerary from Pireaus to Rhodes is through Syros, Patmos, Leros and Kos. If you would like to travel to Rhodes through Symi, Nisyros and Tilos you could use the initerary on the 19th of September. ”

    We were hoping to travel Tilos to Nisyros on the 18 Sep (1830) sailing but it sounds as this won’t work?

  • By AndysPosting, September 5, 2017 @ 10:27 am

    Blue Star’s comments refer to southbound services starting at Piraeus (so from Nissyros to Tilos). You want a northbound service starting at Rhodes (Tilos to Nissyros). They seem to have misunderstood which direction you’re travelling in. What they tell you is entirely correct, but irrelevant.
    They are advertising and taking bookings for a sailing from Tilos to Nissyros on the 18th at 18:30.

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