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2017 Bankrupt Airlines

Today Air Berlin has started bankuptcy proceedings. This doesn’t mean that it will stop flying instantly. The German government has guaranteed a bridging loan to keep operations going until November, during which time the business is likely to be broken up and sold in different chunks to various buyers.

Despite this, in 2016 and earlier the news would have had a serious impact on people flying from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria to Rhodes and Kos. But this year Air Berlin moved its summer sun flights into its Austrian subsidiary “Niki” and de-merged Niki from the main airline. Niki is not insolvent and is expected to carry on as usual.

Then there’s Alitalia – well when I talk about bankrupt airlines, there’s always Alitalia, which has had more bail-outs than a leaky boat. They are also on government life support until the end of the tourist season. A different government of course, but the same idea. Bidders have been invited to purchase the airline, and some offers have been received. The closing date for this hasn’t been reached yet.

My advice: avoid both Air Berlin and Alitalia until things become clearer, and do not book flights with them past late October unless you have a strong appetite for risk or are insured against airline failure.

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