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Kos Port news

As of today (Sunday August 13) sufficient work has been done to repair the quayside and mooring points at Kos Town port for Blue Star Ferries to return to the main port area by the castle, and they will stop serving Kefalos. The announcement of the first phase of repairs being completed wasn’t clear as to what is happening today to the Dodekanisos Seaways hydrofoils, the ferries to/from Turkey, and other small inter-island ferries. All of these have continued to use Kos Town but moored at different points within the port area to those normally used.

For example, Dodekanisos Seaways have been temporarily using what is still known as the Hydrofoil Pier, though there have been no hydrofoils to use it for some years. This is located south of the castle, off the main shore-front road, but before you reach the main marina. The disadvantage of it is that it was only built for passenger vessels, there’s no way to load anything bigger than a motorbike onto a ferry there. As the Dodekanisos Express used the Hydrofoil Pier again this morning, we can assume that there isn’t enough space in the rebuilt area to handle their ferries as well as Blue Star’s.

The ferries to/from Turkey have been temporarily using a location on the north side of the harbour, by the Kosta Palace Hotel and the electricity company offices, and still are today.

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