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A cat ate my spinach pie, and other stories.

As regular readers will perhaps have realised, I’ve been on Symi for a week now.

Here’s a selection of random pieces of news from the island.

First, having made my way up on the Symi Bus from Yialos to Chorio, armed with a brand new galvanised bucket (don’t ask!), I called in to The Olive Tree for a light lunch. My delight at having snaffled the last portion of an excellent spinach pie was shortlived as after a short toilet break I returned to my table to find a small tabby cat busy easting my slice of pie. For a carnivore it was making short work of the pie and accompanying salad. This just goes to prove that Symi’s cats will eat absolutely anything,and nothing is safe if there is a cat about.

On the subject of the Bus, it is still the usual yellow one, it still has the same €1.50 flat fare, and this week it runs hourly on the hour from Yialos to Pedi via Chorio between 08:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 21:00, coming back on the half hour between 08:30 to 14:30 and 16:30 to 21:30. As tourists become more plentiful the afternoon gap gets filled in, and the last bus gets progressively later. Don’t be misled by the smart new coach branded Lakis Travel – this is intended for group hires, excursions, and transfers,  but is part of the family business.

Other parts of the transport infrastructure are still in hibernation. There’s no sign of the road train yet, and only two of the taxiboats/waterbuses are in the water so far, neither actually in service. But Poseidon’s day trips round the island or to west coast bays with lunch included have just started, the Panormitis Bus is running normally, and so are the taxis.

It’s been a bumper few days for daytrippers from Rhodes, with Sea Dreams sending their King Saron catamaran on Wednesday alongside their regular “Symi”, and Panagia Skiadeni and Nikolaos X brought shiploads too. While “Symi” has Thursdays off at this time of year, King Saron and the others were all back today, and there to give a siren salute to the victorious Symi junior football team returning from Wednesday’s Dodecanese Cup Final win in Rhodes.

Cupwinners passing Pacho's Kafenion on 11/5/17

At the moment next week’s ferry strikes are expected to affect only Wednesday’s two calls by Blue Star, and everyone hopes Dodekanisos Seaways and Sea Dreams will sail as normal. More news when it becomes available.

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