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Storms and tempests and back to calm

Starting on Monday and extending into Tuesday the Dodecanese islands were hit by very strong winds, so strong that no planes were able to use Rhodes Airport for over 8 hours on Tuesday. Ferries were cancelled or delayed – the first Dodekanisos Seaways sailing of the season from Samos to Rhodes ran 9 hours late, and only one ferry left Rhodes at all on Tuesday morning – the Panagia Skiadeni to Symi. As she rounded the headland to come into Yialos she was heeling over from the force of the wind. By late Tuesday afternoon things had quietened down and the return to Rhodes was much smoother.

This morning Blue Star Naxos made her first-ever visit to Symi in calm seas, and with very little fuss. Her sister ship Blue Star Paros is notorious for playing the tune Fur Elise while entering harbour, while the Blue Star Patmos specialises in frequent loudspeaker announcements. All the Naxos made was a single siren blast.

Blue Star Naxos 10 May 2017