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Cheap breaks to Symi

The boss of Symi Visitor Accommodation, Wendy Wilcox, has asked me to suggest a few cheap flights that might help people to spend a few days in Symi this October.
Of course Wendy or Adriana are the go-to people to discuss somewhere to stay when you get there, but then you wouldn’t have found the blog without knowing that!

So from the UK, Thomson Airways are offering flights to Rhodes and back for under £200:
14 nights away from London Stansted from £109, departing 1 October;
11 nights from London Luton for £115, same date;
14 nights from East Midlands for £179, departing 4 October

These prices are obviously the last few unsold seats, and are the base prices, you’ll need to look up the baggage charges and any seat reservation costs you may need.

Thomas Cook don’t have the same cheap flight finding tool,
but you can for instance find flights from Manchester to Rhodes for 14 nights departing 4 October from £209; and London Gatwick to Rhodes for 14 nights departing 2 October from £161.

It is mainly the airlines who are part of the package tour industry that sell off seats cheaply near the departure date, those that aren’t see a gradual increase in the fares available until close to departure, when the fare shoots up.
That said, Aegean Airlines can find you flights from Heathrow to Rhodes and back for £210 for 12 nights leaving on 10 October connecting in Athens, and they still supply passengers with food and drink included in the fare.
Same general warning about baggage charges applies to Thomas Cook and Aegean as do to Thomson.

What about the “Low Cost” airlines? Well their prices go up closer to departure too. It’s easy to find outbound flights from the UK to Rhodes for £50, but the journey back is more like £160 (because people who have been in the Dodecanese all summer are now returning).

So why not spend a few minutes checking airline websites (don’t use on-line travel agents, quite often the prices you see are already sold out, and they don’t tell you until after you’ve paid!) and see if like me you can get to Symi in October.