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Getting there from the UK and Ireland

Updated with additional flights, and reformatted to make it easier to find them.

Further updated 18/01/2011 with extra charter flights, and 07/02/2011 with extra Ryanair flights.

I have concentrated on direct flights to Rhodes, or on connections where you won’t have to change planes more than twice, and check-in your luggage again more than once. Because most UK regional airports have flights to at least one of Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich or Frankfurt, you can put together other connections yourself using an on-line travel agent or a real live one, though this is only worth it if the saving in getting to the airport and any possible overnight stays is substantial, as you will lose a day of your holiday in each direction and probably end up with an overnight stay in Rhodes as well! Try and avoid connecting between terminals in airports like Heathrow or Paris Charles de Gaulle – it can add an hour to your journey very easily.

Do avoid connections using more than two different airlines, unless this is by way of a codeshare (one airline selling seats on another airlines flights using its own flight numbers). There is a risk of flight delays or cancellations causing you to miss the next flight in the chain. If your flights are all with the same airline, or on codeshares, it is the airline’s problem to get you to your destination when things go wrong providing all the flights are on the same ticket. It is an acceptable risk, in my experience, to change airlines at Athens, as the leg from Athens to Rhodes has several flights each day and there are also daily ferries. Travel insurance ought to cover the cost of rebooking onto alternative flights or the ferries if the airline you booked with won’t transfer you to a later flight.

Connections involving two EasyJet or Ryanair flights are to be avoided at all costs as these airlines are most definitely “point-to-point”. They don’t do connections, they make this clear when you book, and if the first flight is late so you miss the second one, you’re on your own and won’t even get your money back.

So here’s the index list – click on the airport name to go to the post with the flights from there:

Aberdeen;    Belfast;    Birmingham;    Bournemouth;    Bristol;    Cardiff; Doncaster;    Dublin;    East Midlands;    Edinburgh;    Glasgow;    Leeds-Bradford;    Liverpool: London (Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Stansted);   Manchester;    Newcastle

Getting there from other countries – the list so far:

Germany to Rhodes 2011

Belgium to Rhodes 2011

Netherlands to Rhodes 2011

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