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More on Kos, Air Berlin, and 2018 flights

The Dodekanisos Seaways ferries serving Kos have now returned to their normal stopping place as even more of the earthquake damage has been repaired. This puts them together with Blue Star by the castle once again. The ferries to Turkey are still leaving from the opposite side of the harbour, by the Kosta Palace Hotel and the electricity company offices. for the time being.

At Air Berlin, however, things are getting worse. Now all their long haul flights from Berlin TXL are being cancelled over the course of this month, as the bankruptcy administrator stops loss-making services. If you booked before 15 August, good luck with getting your money back, too. Join the queue with the other creditors. If you booked after that, the money you paid has been kept separate and you will be refunded. If you paid by credit card before 15 August, in many (but not all) countries you can lodge a claim with the credit card issuer instead.

People do keep asking when airlines like easyJet and Ryanair will put summer 2018 flights on sale. The answer is, probably later this month. They too are waiting to see what happens at Air Berlin and Alitalia, as easyJet is actually negotiating to buy part of Air Berlin, and Ryanair most of Alitalia. Will they move planes and crews to bases in Germany or Italy to seize opportunities, or will their bids be successful so they actually inherit the planes and crews along with the routes they’re already flying on?