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Earthquake news

Last night an earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale happened with its epicentre under the sea between Kos and Bodrum. Two people were killed on Kos when the roof and walls of the bar in Kos Town they were drinking in collapsed, and 9 people have been evacuated to hospital in Heraklion or Athens with serious injuries. Others with minor injuries are being treated locally. Bodrum saw some building damage and a mini tidal wave flooded streets. Around 100 people are reported injured there, most when they jumped from the windows of buildings to get out quicker.

The quake was felt on Symi and in parts of Rhodes, but there are no reports of any injuries or damage to buildings on either island.

Rhodes and Kos airports are operating normally, as are ferries between Rhodes and Symi. There has been damage to the port installations in Kos town, where the mooring areas for large ferries are cracked and broken, and there is a fear that debris that fell into the sea has reduced the available depth of water below safety levels for big ships. As a result calls by the large Blue Star ferries have been transferred to the port of Kefalos on Kos until further notice. There will be a bus connection from Kos Town.

Dodekanisos Seaways will continue to serve Kos Town as their catamarans have enough clear depth of water, and don’t require access for large trucks.

The rest of Kos, outside Kos Town and its suburbs, is completely undamaged.

Extra Sunday evening ferry – more same-day to Symi

The Sunday evening extra trip by Sea Dream’s “Symi” finally happened today, and she’s sitting in Yialos at the moment. The timetable shows Rhodes-Symi at 19:00 and Symi to Rhodes at 21;15, though it looks like she’s a few minutes late. This will continue until early September.

So here’s the updated high season combined ferry timetable.

And with another evening sailing, there are more flights that allow people to get from their local airport to Symi on the same day. Not as many as you’d think though as there’s no corresponding morning sailing from Symi, making it difficult to get home again the same day. Still we can add 8 flights, including some additional airports and one new country to our Same Day Symi chart here.