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Whoops, spoke too soon

Having said that the “Symi” was about to undertake more trips, she promptly suffered a serious mechanical fault on Sunday,struggling back to Rhodes over an hour late and unable to make the advertised evening trip to Symi.

She’s now on the sicklist, and won’t be sailing again for at least a week. As a result other ferries are filling up fast. Book now to avoid disappointment, and remember that when the Panagia Skiadeni runs via Panormitis, the computer system won’t let you book from Rhodes to Yialos, it will say the boat is full. Agents and Dodekanisos Seaways offices know how to get round this for personal ticket buyers. If you’re booking on line, buy a ticket to Panormitis. Then when you visit the office/hut to collect the ticket before travel, tell them you’re actually going to Yialos. The two fares are the same, and they’ll issue a Panormitis-Yialos ticket for free so you can complete the journey.

Why is this necessary? The Greek national ferry ticket system can’t cope with a service that allows passengers to get off at an intermediate point, wander round for an hour or so, and then get back on the same ferry. As this appears to only happen at Panormitis in the entire country, nobody is willing to pay to rewrite the program just for a summer-only service.