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The by now traditional early-season strikes aimed at the Greek government are taking a toll.

Not only are today’s calls at Symi by Blue Star off because of strikes, Friday’s calls are now cancelled too for the same reason, making a 4-day strike by ships crews in total.

However, Dodekanisos Seaways ferries are operating normally, and indeed I travelled on the Dodekanisos Express yesterday from Symi to Rhodes, so you can get on and off the island with both Dodekanisos Seaways and Sea Dreams.

Now the Air Traffic Controllers have joined in with a 4 hour strike from 11:00 to 15:00 today. Note that this affects the whole of Greek airspace, not just taking off and landing, and for Northern European flights there’s roughly an hour’s flying time over Greece before arriving in Rhodes, and the same after departing Rhodes. Some flights can reduce the impact by using Turkish airspace which starts only 10 minutes east of Rhodes Airport. This trick enables Finnair to depart Rhodes as late as 10:50 today for Helsinki. But there isn’t the capacity for every Rhodes flight to go this way. Most flights to Turkish airports such as Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya from Western Europe cross Greek airspace so are also hit by the Greek strike and not surprisingly Turkish ATC prioritises flights to its own airports when alternative routings are requested.

My own 12:15 flight has been rescheduled to 17:15, but at least it is still operating.