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Ferry rumours

Here’s a roundup of ferry rumours affecting Symi, with a reality check attached, as far as I am able.

Rumour 1)  The Symi ferry is to move elsewhere as it is seen as too expensive to operate compared to the income available on Rhodes-Symi-Panormitis-Rhodes shuttles. Instead the Symi II will return from the Sporades to run the daytrip service.

Reality check. Symi II is under overhaul at Salamina, outside Piraeus. She operated successfully in the Sporades last summer, and has route licences to do so again this year, from June onwards. The Symi is not operating daily at the moment (though she’s in service today) and on the days she stays in port, the King Saron comes instead, as a daytrip-only boat.

Rumour 2) There will be a daily service from Symi to Datca and return this summer, starting on 1 June and ending on 31 October, operated by Dodecanese Flying Dolphins (formerly Phoenix Marine) using a refurbished catamaran called Panormitis Express.

Reality check. Absolutely no publicity for this on Symi yet, just 2 weeks before it is due to start. This service has been announced in previous years using other boats, but I’ve yet to spot it operating.

Rumour 3) The Sea Star will reappear on Symi this summer providing a Rhodes-Symi-Tilos service.

Reality check. The Sea Star has been bought from the receivers of the bankrupt Tilos 21st Century, her previous operators. She is now under overhaul in the Spanopoulos shipyard at Salamina island, outside Piraeus. There is a government subsidy available for Rhodes-Tilos, Rhodes-Symi-Tilos and Rhodes-Halki-Tilos sailings and this is out to tender at the moment. There’s actual investment and a limited guaranteed income. Watch this space.