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Ferry booking

Blue Star Patmos

Now there’s absolutely no need to book this ship in advance if you’re travelling between Rhodes and Symi or vice versa – she holds 2000 people, and at this point in her journey she’s never ever full.
But events this week show that it will be a good idea to book the high speed catamarans Dodekanisos Pride and Dodekanisos Express in advance. On Sunday intending passengers had to be turned away in Rhodes once all tickets had been sold. Now nobody going to Symi was stranded because the Panagia Skiadeni took them 90 minutes later.
So the official recommendation of this blog and of Symi Visitor Accommodation generally, is to book the catamarans on line at or in person at a Dodekanisos Seaways appointed agent such as Symi Tours. A week before sailing day should be fine. If you book online you’ll receive a booking confirmation which is exchanged for the real tickets at the ticket offices at Kolonna (Rhodes) or Symi Clock Tower shortly before departure, or at any appointed agent.