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The new ferry season is about to start

During this week Dodekanisos Express returned from dry docking in Piraeus. She’s available for service alongside sister Dodekanisos Pride which is currently operating all services. To prove this a last-minute additional service using the Express has been slotted in this Sunday, 2 April, running alongside the Pride (which is already fully booked over this part of her route) from Rhodes to Symi, then remaining in Symi all day and returning alongside the Pride again in the late afternoon.
After that the Express sails again as originally planned from Friday 8th April onwards.
Panagia Skiadeni is still in Piraeus, dry docking has been completed, and she’ll sail back to Rhodes in time to take up her first sailing of the season on Tuesday 11 April.

Sea Dreams ‘Symi’ has also completed her dry dock and annual overhaul in Piraeus and is due back in Rhodes in time for her first sailing of the season on Monday 10 April.

So the currently almost empty Symi Harbour will very soon have ferries for much of the day, and it won’t be long before the yachts and gulets return too.