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Dodekanisos Seaways news

Dodekanisos Pride has completed annual overhaul at Piraeus and is now back in Rhodes. She will take over operating the winter timetable on Monday.
Dodekanisos Express is then due for a month off, during which she will in turn go to Piraeus for overhaul.
Both ships are required in service from the first full week in April.
Panagia Skiadeni is also in Piraeus, and due back in Rhodes in time to join in the Easter timetable from the second week in April.

Summer ferries are now bookable on line, apart from the usual problem of being unable to book to Yialos on ferries that stop at Panormitis. If you feel you must book in advance on these, book a ticket to Panormitis. When you collect the ticket, tell the office staff you want to continue to Yialos and they’ll supply an ticket for Panormitis-Yialos as well. As tickets Rhodes-Panormitis and Rhodes-Yialos are the same price, there’s no extra charge.
For those who don’t know, ferries in Greece use a standard online booking system, regardless of company. This doesn’t have a facility for journeys where it is possible to get off, have a wander round and get back on again, as this doesn’t happen anywhere else in Greece, and the cost of altering it for the Panormitis route alone is prohibitive. Its also fair to say that hardly anyone would travel from Rhodes to Yialos other than as a day trip, on a service that stops at Panormitis. That’s because for passengers on foot there is always a non-stop alternative which gets them there several hours earlier, and people with vehicles drive off at Panormitis and complete the journey by road, arriving about an hour quicker than staying on the boat – maybe more if they actually wanted Chorio or Pedi anyway.

I’d still say, don’t book in advance until you’re certain your flight times won’t change, and even then there’s never any need to book more than a week in advance.