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Summer ferries – now it begins

This morning Dodekanisos Seaways released their summer schedules right up to the end of October. They’re not available to book past the 2nd of April yet, though.
The service is much the same as last year, with some minor changes, and one major difference:
So far at least, there are no evening sailings from Rhodes to Symi and no early morning sailings from Symi to Rhodes at all.
Timetables here
We already have Blue Star’s timetables up to 23rd June (and again from 6th September to the end of October), and these have an afternoon sailing from Rhodes to Symi at 15:00 (back to the traditional time) on Wednesdays and an evening one at 19:00 on Fridays, along with a morning sailing from Symi to Rhodes on Wednesdays (08:15) and Fridays (07:45). After June, they appear to have no ship available to work the route until the start of September, as all their fleet is deployed elsewhere. I’d expect them to charter in capacity either for the service via Symi or to free up a ship from elsewhere. It could be they’re waiting to see if the new ferry quay will be completed in time for summer, as if it is, there’s no longer a size restriction on which ferries can serve Symi.
Finally, there’s Sea Dreams. The ‘Symi’ is expected to re-enter service for the summer just before Easter. Whether there will be more than the usual Rhodes-Symi-Panormitis-Rhodes daily run, I really don’t know.